Flight Replicas releases the Piper L-4 Grasshopper for MSFS

Nostalgic simmers looking to fly low and slow in Microsoft Flight Simulator just got a cool new interesting airplane to try. The L-4 Grasshopper, the military variant of the iconic J3 Cub, is now available for MSFS, brought to life by Flight Replicas.

Flight Replicas unveiled this first project for MSFS just a few weeks ago, stirring the emotions of many fans of the original Cub who saw the imminent opportunity to take this beloved airplane to the skies. There’s obviously a modern Cub in MSFS already, but the old version is undoubtedly the most charming: an utterly simple machine, with just enough power to get airborne, but an absolute joy to just fly around and see the views.

Flight Replicas is very familiar with this model, having released it with great success for older platforms. The L-4 Grasshopper has now landed in Microsoft Flight Simulator with improved visuals and unique flight dynamics, in three different models: artillery spotter, general liaison, and a floatplane.

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 7

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 6

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 5

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 4

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 3

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 2

Sadly, Flight Replicas didn’t manage to implement an authentic soundtrack for the Grasshopper. Instead, it seems to be using the sounds of the Asobo Cub, which would be fine for the most part, except for the different engine tone. A bit of an immersion breaker, but hopefully something that the developer can improve over time.

Overall, the L-4 Grasshopper should be a great choice if you’re looking for a sightseeing airplane, with excellent visibility to the outside and an appropriately slow pace in its movements. It’s now available for MSFS, priced at $15.99.

A final note for the available liveries, which represent a few WWII variants and also a post-war repaint:

       – 30th Infantry division
       – 2nd Armoured Division
       – 2nd Infantry Division (D-Day)
       – US Navy floatplanes (2 schemes )
       – No.4 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force (Pacific Campaign)
       – French Air Force liaison

Post-War Pacific
       – Royal Netherland Indies Air Force (ML-KNIL) (1948)

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