Flight Replicas reveals its L-4H Grasshopper for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Former FSX and P3D simmers are probably familiar with Flight Replicas, a developer who created some great airplanes for those platforms, such as the Piper Cub or the DC-4. Those waiting to see Flight Replicas’ work come to Microsoft Flight Simulator will be happy to know that the developer’s first project for this new platform is now almost complete: the L-4H Grasshopper!

The Grasshopper is basically a Piper J-3 Cub in military olive drab green color. The beloved civilian J-3 Cub was already popular before WWII, so it was chosen by the US military to serve as a tactical aircraft, performing a few instrumental roles during the war. It’s an aircraft that introduced thousands of pilots to the basics of flying, with hundreds of airframes still flying today.

Flight Replicas is very familiar with the Piper Cub, which is also probably the most well-known project the developer has done in the past. This work is now coming to MSFS in the shape of the L-4H military variant, which is also serving as a learning process for the developer, who hopes to bring all his portfolio to MSFS in the future.

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 7

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 5

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 4

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 3

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 2

As for the L-4H, it’s now mostly ready to go after some significant development breakthroughs. In the latest update provided by Flight Replicas, we learned that only the sounds could still use some work (currently using default sounds, and it’s unclear if that’s going to change). The developer was also looking to experiment with a few things before releasing the aircraft.

To go along with this news, Flight Replicas also shared some initial preview images of the Grasshopper in MSFS, which appear to show a reasonably detailed model of the familiar Piper Cub fuselage and uncomplicated interior. As with all Cubs, this should become another excellent choice for low and slow flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the perfect platform for this type of flying.

Hopefully, we will soon know more details about this project, which welcomes Flight Replicas to the world of MSFS. There’s currently no estimate for the release date or pricing, but we’ll let you know of any further details once they become available.

Flight Replicas L 4H Grasshopper MSFS 1