Milviz to bring the SR-71 Blackbird to MSFS

Here’s some very exciting news for MSFS fans that will undoubtedly bring profound sadness to… P3D fans. What’s the connection, you wonder? Well, our friends over at FSElite spotted a very understated reveal from someone connected to Milviz, saying that their SR-71, a long-time project under construction for P3D, will now see its development shifted to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The SR-71 needs no introduction. It’s the wet dream of any aviation enthusiast, a legendary aircraft that could outrun surface-to-air missiles and fly higher than any other airplane. Knowing that it’s coming to MSFS, specially from a loved development studio such as Milviz, is definitely something to be excited about!

There’s no hint about a possible release date, but this is a complex aircraft and Milviz is known to take things seriously. But, their Blackbird has been in development for some years already, and the FSElite first look from two years ago already showed a very advanced aircraft that at the time was already considered as “a shining example of what the term ‘study level’ should represent“. Obviously, all this work is (or will) now be brought to MSFS, which will surely take its time.

While we wait for further news from the Milviz SR-71, you’ll be happy to known that the team is working on other projects for MSFS. The most advanced one seems to be the Cessna 310, and we also know they’re working with IndiaFoxTecho on the T-45C.