Jinxx DCS previews MD 902 Explorer helicopter for MSFS

It’s not often that we read a title like the above, at least concerning development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. But that’s now about to change after the release of the 40th Anniversary Edition, with its support for helicopters and development tools to help creators build their own rotorcraft for the sim!

Third-party developers dedicated to rotorcraft should now be busy learning the ins and outs of development for MSFS, so we should start seeing new projects being announced and beautiful preview images shared across the web. That’s exactly what’s happening with Jinxx DCS, who began sharing his progress with the MD 902 Explorer for MSFS. And guess what? It looks really good!

In a statement to our friends at Helissimer, Jinx revealed that this project is still in the earlier stages of development and is expected to take a reasonable amount of time to be finished. After all, the developer is also using this project as a learning process, getting acquainted with helicopter development in MSFS as he goes through each stage in the creation process.

That said, the current model of the MD 902 looks great already, as we can see in an initial preview flight shared by the developer on Youtube, which shows the aircraft in a short hop between RAF Northolt (the home for the London Air Ambulance) and the Royal London Hospital. It’s actually a very realistic flight, since the MD 902 is used by many Air Ambulance and Police services in the UK and Europe.

jinxx dcs md 902 explorer msfs 7

jinxx dcs md 902 explorer msfs 6

jinxx dcs md 902 explorer msfs 4

jinxx dcs md 902 explorer msfs 3

jinxx dcs md 902 explorer msfs 2

jinxx dcs md 902 explorer msfs 1

It seems clear that the developer is making a visually impressive rendition of this helicopter for MSFS. The external model looks great, as does the virtual cockpit, even if most of the gauges are still non-functional.

Time will tell if this project keeps evolving into a quality product, so we’ll continue to track it and bring you the latest news. This is a popular helicopter that would be perfect for those NeoFly rescue missions, so I’m sure plenty of heli simmers would love to add it to their hangar!