Orbx’s Stockholm-Arlanda Airport for MSFS looks terrific!

Every once in a while, we come across the work of a specific set of talented developers that push the boundaries of what’s possible for MSFS, either in terms of practical features and pure programming prowess or with their attention to details and visual artistry. Today we’re bringing you the latest news about a stunning work-in-progress rendition of Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport (ESSA), under construction by the very talented Marcus Nyberg at Orbx and with the close collaboration of Jetstream Designs.

Those who’ve followed this project since it was announced are probably familiar with a Facebook page devoted to this work, which the developers have used to share their progress quite regularly through small bite-sized updates and fresh screenshots. There, we’ve seen the tremendous work that has been put into this scenery, with extremely realistic graphics and a clear intention to recreate ESSA in the most accurate and immersive way.

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 11

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 10

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 9

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 7

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 6

This week, Marcus Nyberg realized it was a good time to provide a more comprehensive development update, which came to us through Orbx’s official forums.

The first thing to note is that Marcus Nyberg is now also counting on the collaboration of Jetstream Designs in this project. Jetstream Designs is obviously known for its impressive work on airports such as Milan’s Linate, Paris-Orly, Nantes, and more.

With these two excellent developers now working as a team on ESSA, it’s easy to see where this is going. The project is now moving forward faster while maintaining extremely high levels of quality. The team is finishing work in the terminal areas, and many of the airside buildings are also at an advanced development stage.

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 5

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 4

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 3

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 2

Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Airport MSFS 1

Marcus shows satisfaction with the materials they’ve gathered for the external terrain, which he believes will make a huge difference when compared to the default scenery. High-resolution mesh data and aerial imagery will play a key role in this area and we should see a preview of this in the coming weeks.

That’s all there is to know so far about this project, but make sure to check the gorgeous preview images that the developers have shared with us. Furthermore, if you’re looking to keep a close eye on all the latest developments in this airport, make sure to follow the special Facebook page dedicated to it: The Arlanda journal!