FS Traffic will not make it to MSFS this year, but expect a release very early in 2023!

Just Flight’s FS Traffic is one of the most high-profile projects in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator at the moment, promising to completely overhaul the AI traffic system in the simulator with a proven piece of software from a reputable studio. Just Flight is just about to finish their work on this project and revealed today that FS Traffic is set to launch “very early next year!

We knew Just Flight was discussing internally on whether to release FS Traffic this year or the next, and it now seems that decision has been made. The team will use the remainder of the year to rigorously test all the aspects of the product and aim for a release right as the new year starts.

With that short update, Just Flight also shared a new preview video covering a selection of regional airplanes that will be included in FS Traffic. The video, which you can see below, previews features such as the interaction with ground services equipment, animations, and effects. Obviously, it also showcases the impressively detailed models and liveries in the airplanes!

FS Traffic will include a good variety of regional airplanes represented in the tool. You’ll see the Airbus A220, the ATR 42/72, the CRJs, E-Jets, the Dash-8, and more, covering all of the most popular models from around the world.

And that’s pretty much all there is to know of new about FS Traffic. All that’s left now is for you to wait just a bit more and get ready to start 2023 with a brand new AI traffic solution for MSFS, while Just Flight’s developers use these last days of 2022 to finalize the product and prepare it for the release!