Just Flight releases Black Square’s Analog King Air for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just Flight has released today the second aircraft in Black Square’s Steam Gauge Overhaul series. The Analog King Air, a study-level rework of the original Asobo aircraft, is now available for MSFS with a comprehensive list of realistic and immersive features!

Black Square provides a completely new interior and panel to replace the default King Air 350i glass cockpit. The analog cockpit is definitely the most charming and evocative, but also adds a whole new level of realism and depth to this beloved aircraft.

The Analog King Air comes with a wide array of radio configurations, along with the classic steam gauges, a completely new electrical circuit with fully functional circuit breakers, and a fully interactive cockpit where ever button, switch and knob has a function.

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 6

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 5

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 4

Black Square King Air Analog MSFS 3

msfs analog king air preview

Black Square provides a varied list of radio and navigation devices, which enable simmers to replicate different eras of the King Air’s history. This swappable equipment includes the more modern Garmin GTN 750 from PMS50 and TDS, but also Collins CTL NAV/COM radios, CTL-62 ADF, GNS 530, IND-42 DME, CTL-92 transponder, APS-65 autopilot, and a Bendix RDR1150XL weather radar.

Besides the interior and systems overhaul, Black Square also tweaked the King Air’s flight model for better accuracy. Detailed checklists with more than 500 items have also been included using the native MSFS implementation.

This Analog overhaul is dedicated to the interior and systems of the aircraft. The excellent King Air external model from Asobo is exactly the same, so you can still use your favorite existing liveries.

All in all, this looks like a very serious take on the beloved King Air, bringing the stock aircraft up to a whole new level in the simulator, capable of being enjoyed by the most demanding simmers. Black Square did an excellent job with the Grand Caravan, so there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about this comprehensive new mod for the King Air.

Black Square’s Analog King Air is now available for MSFS, priced at $31.23.

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