Test your landing skills across the Old Continent with SoFly’s Global Landings: Europe

SoFly has released the second entry to its Global Landings series, which kicked off last month with a collection of 80 landing challenges set in North America. This time, SoFly challenges simmers to take on the same task in Europe, exploring dozens of approaches under a wide variety of conditions across the continent.

With Global Landings: Europe, simmers can experience the thrills and wonders of 80 varied approaches and landings that span the whole continent. Europe’s vast diversity of natural landscapes, urban masses, and environmental factors make up for some pretty incredible scenarios to test your skills and discover what the Old Continent has to offer!

SoFly has allowed the live weather feature in Microsoft Flight Simulator to play a key role in the experience. Each of the included challenges can vary depending on current real-world conditions, which makes for immense replayability for those who like to experience the same locations over and over.

SoFly Global Landings Europe MSFS 6

SoFly Global Landings Europe MSFS 5

SoFly Global Landings Europe MSFS 4

SoFly Global Landings Europe MSFS 3

SoFly Global Landings Europe MSFS 1

Given Europe’s immense variety of scenarios, you can expect to see plenty of iconic sites with Global Landings: Europe. From world-famous capital cities to remote areas in the mountains or islands in the Mediterranean, using a variety of aircraft, there should be no shortage of hours of entertainment and practice!

As with other similar products in SoFly’s portfolio, after each landing in Global Landings: Europe, you’ll be presented with a score, which may help judge your performance and set a bar to beat in a future attempt.

If you’re looking to expand your collection of landing challenges for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Global Landings: Europe should definitely be considered as your next acquisition. It’s available now through SoFly’s website, priced at £10.79. Expect a release in the Marketplace soon!


  • 80 different possible landings split across various weather scenarios and aircraft types
  • Airports that are spread across the whole continent giving you a flavour of everything Europe has to offer
  • Live weather challenges offer a unique landing each time
  • Choose from easy or hard weather scenarios to test your skills
  • Get scored after each successful landing to see where you can improve
  • Fly into each airport with multiple aircraft for a varied experience
  • Experience fun and a sense of completion with great replayability
  • Earn a top score to get the ultimate bragging rights