SoFly releases Global Landings: North America for MSFS

SoFly has released a new collection of landing challenges for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Global Landings: North America is entirely dedicated to the US and Canada, featuring 80 varied challenges that will have you discover the whole continent in a variety of conditions and aircraft.

SoFly is no stranger to this kind of product, having released Landing Challenge Pro back in 2021. This time, the idea seems to build regional packs focused on specific areas of the world, starting with North America. It should definitely be a great way to discover new landscapes, cities, and interesting airports in the world of MSFS!

Global Landings: North America comes with a large number of challenges which range from approaching and landing to large airports in Las Vegas and New York, to smaller airfields in the Canadian wilderness and Hawaii.

Sofly global landings north america msfs 4

Sofly global landings north america msfs 3

Sofly global landings north america msfs 2

Sofly global landings north america msfs 1

Each approach can be tackled with different airplanes and varied weather conditions. Thanks to Live Weather, simmers may find the same approach to be quite different each time they tackle the experience.

SoFly has implemented a scoring system at the end of each landing, so you can get a number that reflects your performance and use it to compare with friends.

Global Landings: North America is now available for MSFS from third-party stores and in the Marketplace as well (PC-only for now). Grab your copy now through SoFly’s website, where it’s priced at $11.95 / £8.99 / €10.99 / AUD$15.95.


  • 80 different possible landings split across various weather scenarios and aircraft types
  • Airports that are spread across the whole continent giving you a flavour of everything North America has to offer
  • Live weather challenges offer a unique landing each time
  • Choose from easy or hard weather scenarios to test your skills
  • Get scored after each successful landing to see where you can improve
  • Fly into each airport with multiple aircraft for a varied experience
  • Experience fun and a sense of completion with great replayability
  • Earn a top score to get the ultimate bragging rights