Explore Australia in MSFS with this mission pack from Adventum Simulations

Ah, the land down under! Australia is a huge territory waiting for you to discover it in MSFS. Vastly varied landscapes with stunning coastal areas, large cities, deserts, mountains… there’s so much to see!

Many simmers have probably already seen some of Australia’s landscapes in MSFS, especially following the release of the Australia World Update. If you’re looking for another excuse to visit the country, then the latest product from Adventum Simulations should be a good reason to fuel up your airplane: with more than 40 missions across several categories, Adventum Tours: Australia promises to introduce you to many of Australia’s most striking scenes!

This is Adventum Simulations’ second activity pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator, after the one dedicated to Hawaii from late last year. The development team has now traveled to the Southern Hemisphere to offer us the possibility to fly across the whole Australian territory in a variety of ways. This comprehensive package includes 10 “Bush Trip” missions, 10 Discovery Flights, and 25 Landing Challenges.

Adventum Tours Australia MSFS missions 6

Adventum Tours Australia MSFS missions 5

Adventum Tours Australia MSFS missions 3

Adventum Tours Australia MSFS missions 2

Adventum Tours Australia MSFS missions 1

Like in the Hawaii package, simmers will have the company of Addison, a virtual tour guide that will provide custom narrated tours during each flight. She will provide interesting and helpful information about the many points of interest you will fly over, so you can learn more about Australian history, geography, culture, and more.

The 10 missions are inspired by real-life routes flown by tourist operators in the country and will take you from one starting airport to the final destination, with no stopovers in between. These are the included tours:

  • Adelaide Tour (South Australia)
  • Alice Springs Tour (Northern Territory)
  • Canberra Tour (Capital Territory)
  • Darwin Tour (Northern Territory)
  • Great Barrier Reef Tour (Queensland)
  • Hobart Tour (Tasmania)
  • Melbourne Tour (Victoria)
  • Perth Tour (Western Australia)
  • Sydney Tour (New South Wales)
  • Uluru National Park Tour (Northern Territory)

Interestingly, Adventum Simulations offers the possibility for both casual and experienced simmers to enjoy the tours in their own way. There’s a “Casual Mode”, meant for those looking to quickly start each tour and fly more casually with a console remote, and an “Expert Mode”, for pilots who want the full experience, including cold & dark startup sequences and realistic procedures.

Adventum Tours Australia MSFS missions 9

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Adventum Tours Australia MSFS missions 7

Adventum Tours: Australia also includes 10 Discovery Flights that will spawn you near famous landmarks for a quick and epic flight. These places include the Blue Mountains National Park, King George Falls, Mawson Peak Volcano, Whitsunday Islands, and more.

Finally, for those looking for a thrill, Adventum Simulations also added 25 new Landing Challenges scattered around Australia. These will start with live weather on the downwind leg of each airport and will feature a large variety of airplanes, from the Savage Cub to the F/A-18 or a big airliner.

Australia is truly one of the most spectacular regions to explore in MSFS and this mission pack from Adventum Simulations seems to be a great invitation to discover a large portion of the country. With so much to see and do, and priced at just around $9.99, it looks like quite a good investment!