World Update VII: Australia and the Fokker F.VII are now available for MSFS

As promised, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team has released a massive content update destined to the Land Down Under. World Update VII: Australia, along with the Fokker F.VII, are now available through the MSFS Marketplace.

A good reason to discover Australia in MSFS

The Australia World Update is the first World Update of this year, to be followed by the Iberia Update in late March. MSFS simmers now have a great excuse to visit Australia and discover its natural beauties, now improved in the simulator in a number of aspects.

With this update, Australia gets enhanced in several fronts. From new aerial imagery, water masks, and higher-resolution elevation data, to 4 bespoke new airports and 100 improved ones, or the 94 new custom POI’s, all made by Orbx, you will have plenty to see and discover across this massive scenery.

To help simmers discover all this new stuff, the MSFS team added 16 new activities (bush trips, discovery flights and landing challenges). Those looking for a more urban experience will also be able to get 11 major cities with photogrammetry data.

World Update VII: Australia is now available as an optional free download from the MSFS Marketplace, although you’ll have to do a mandatory small update upon launching the sim. Make sure to check the Content Manager for any additional updates.

Check here the full release notes for World Update VII: Australia.

Fokker F.VII also released

To go along with the Australia World Update, a new Local Legend airplane is also now available. As announced before, Orbx also worked with the MSFS team to create an accurate replica of the Fokker F.VII and a few of its variants, including the Southern Cross, a beloved and famous airplane in Australia.

The Fokker F.VII is an emblematic vintage airplane from the early days of aviation, made popular for being used in many expeditions to remote regions of the world. It made the first transpacific flight from the United States to Australia, along many other remarkable feats.

Now in MSFS, you will find a few models included in this package: the famous Southern Cross, the Friendship, the Josephine Ford, the Fokker F.VIIa, and the distinctive KLM Livery. An assortment of single-motor and trimotor versions are included. You will also be able to recreate some of the historic flights made by these airplanes, by flying the missions that have also been included with this bundle.

Made by Orbx in a collaboration with Asobo, the Fokker F.VII is now available from the MSFS Marketplace, priced at $14.99.