Milvis teases the Cessna 310R for MSFS with full cockpit image

The Milviz 310R is probably the most awaited GA airplane for MSFS at this point. It’s now long overdue, after first being expected to come out as far back as during the summer of 2021, but the model and textures had to be rebuilt to bring them up to the modern standards in MSFS.

During the latest development update from Milviz, we learned that the 310R is now estimated to be out in just a couple of months, by late March/early April, somewhere by the time when the Skyraider will also be out. As a teaser for the highly-detailed experience that Milviz is promising with this aircraft, the team shared a stunning new image of the 310R cockpit, where the remarkable attention to detail and visual qualities are very apparent.

milviz 310R MSFS

Same as the above, but bigger. Click to enlarge!

The MilViz 310R is being recreated in its classic form with steam gauges, to be accompanied by modern avionics like the GNS530 and 430. Even better is the planned support for the PMS GTN750, a popular third-party solution that implements a touch-based and very easy-to-use avionics suite. It’s visible in this new teaser image right at the center of the instrument panel.

There are not a lot of images of this aircraft in MSFS, so every new one is a reason to be excited. A few months ago we did get a few shots from the ongoing beta test, along with a preview video showing a cockpit view with full in-flight audio, which you can see below.

Milviz is looking to deliver a “study-level” replica of the 310R, a product that will raise the bar for any GA airplane in the simulator. Will they fulfill their promise? Hopefully, there’s not too much time left to find that out!