Adventum Tours: Hawaii adds 36 new tours, discovery flights and landing challenges to MSFS

Adventum Simulations has released its very first product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Adventum Tours: Hawaii is a comprehensive package for simmers looking to explore the stunning landscapes of Hawaii, with the addition of 12 guided tours, 4 new discovery flights, and 20 landing challenges.

Adventum Simulations says this package includes 48 activities but, in fact, it’s more like 36 (still impressive!). That’s because the guided tours have been designed for casual or experienced pilots, with corresponding start-up states. There are 12 tours in total, and they can be started with the engine already running for a quick experience, or in a cold-and-dark state, so that you will have to configure everything, prior to the departure.

Each tour is complemented by Addison, an audio tour guide, who will provide information along each route as you fly over Hawaii’s points of interest, such as the world-famous beaches, the volcanos, and more.

Adventum tours Hawaii MSFS 1

The 12 tour missions attempt to mimic the real-world tours that are flown by local operators, so all of them have just one takeoff and landing. This should be better for those looking for a quicker flight, instead of going through multiple legs in the same mission. The included tours cover Hawaii’s major islands, and are as follows:

  • Volcanoes National Park Tour (Big Island, Hawaii)
  • Kohala Coast Tour (Big Island, Hawaii)
  • Kona Coast Tour (Big Island, Hawaii)
  • West Maui Tour (Maui, Hawaii)
  • East Maui Tour (Maui, Hawaii)
  • Kaho’oloe Island Tour (Maui, Hawaii)
  • Pineapple Island Tour (Lanai, Hawaii)
  • Molokai Island Tour (Molokai, Hawaii)
  • West O’ahu Island Tour (O’ahu, Hawaii)
  • East O’ahu Island Tour (O’ahu, Hawaii)
  • Garden Island Tour (Kaua’i, Hawaii)
  • Forbidden Island Tour (Ni’ihau, Hawaii)

Detailed navlogs are included for each flight, with images of each navigation waypoint and also some airport charts.

Adventum tours Hawaii MSFS 6

Adventum tours Hawaii MSFS 5

Adventum tours Hawaii MSFS 3

Adventum tours Hawaii MSFS 2

Adventum Tours: Hawaii also includes the aforementioned 4 Discovery Flights. These start already in the air, close to some of the islands most iconic sceneries, such as the Mauna Loa Volcano, the Haleakala National Park, Pearl Harbor, and the Waimea Canyon. Each area has been enhanced with new custom POI’s, more than 60 in total, so you should have plenty to see in each site.

Last but not least, 20 new Landing Challenges await you in Adventum Tours: Hawaii. To be experienced in a variety of aircraft, these challenges will have you start on the downwind leg of 20 different airports, always with live weather, so you can have a different experience every time you try each challenge.

In short, Adventum Simulations is offering quite a complete package that should keep you entertained for many hours, especially if you’d like to know more about Hawaii’s culture and see its impressive and varied landscapes! Adventum Tours: Hawaii is now available for roughly $9.99.