Perfect Flight releases ‘Bush Trip – The Fjords’ for MSFS

Perfect Flight has been very active since the release of MSFS, with several mission packs for varied tastes, like our previously featured Pilot in Command, which introduced 24 new Landing Changes in MSFS. Now the developer is expanding their portfolio with 10 bush trips in the Norwegian Fjords.

Bush Trip – The Fjords was planned with Asobo’s Diamond DA62 in mind, and makes use of different time and weather conditions for a variety of challenges. The 10 trips aim to introduce you to some of Norway’s spectacular landscapes, each with its own particularities.

This is a completely integrated package, sitting inside the sim right besides the other bush trips. It’s also available in all the languages supported by MSFS.

Bush Trip – The Fjords is now available for around $15.

Main Features:

  • 10 unique Bush Trip Missions over the Norwegian Fjords, in different time and weather conditions. A special weather theme added to enjoy the northen glaciers
  • A new-brand livery for the Asobo Diamond DA62, in special Norwegian Colors
  • A guide to access to additional resources offered by Diamond Aircraft (Manuals, Pilot Informations and more)
  • Special Feature – You can fly the missions with the provided livery or with your favorite airplane
  • 100% integrated in the Main Menu of Microsoft Flight Simulator
  •  Localization – Product is released in ALL language supported by Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • User Guide includes also a detailed briefing for each mission with leg info and suggest altitude