The freeware Airbus H125 Helicopter is now available for MSFS

Rotor Sim Pilot has released his second helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Airbus H125 is another freeware community project, just like the Robinson R44 before it, and it’s now available for MSFS in its first beta build.

The Airbus H125 is powered by AirlandFS, the physics library for rotorcraft simulation that has helped a few early helicopters to come to MSFS. While the H125 can now be downloaded and enjoyed by simmers, it’s still very much a work-in-progress, with roughly just 25% of its features implemented at this point. However, Rotor Sim Pilot promises to quickly release new features as development continues and beta users provide helpful feedback.

The current focus for the developer is to implement a realistic flight model on the aircraft. As of now, the H125 flies, but performance figures don’t match the real-world specs. The main goal right now is therefore to implement a more realistic flight model through AirlandFS.

What’s already well underway is the 3D model, textures, and systems. This early release comes with three liveries, and users have the ability to add or remove external accessories such as doors, a front-mounted camera, or the wire strike protection system.

As for the cockpit, there’s still some work to do, but the H125 already displays some of its instruments, which are a mix between steam gauges and more modern avionics like the Garmin 650. There are animations and some interactive components that enable or disable the external accessories.

The H125 comes with the necessary documentation to get you up and running with this new helicopter for MSFS. Installation is straightforward, just make sure to install AirlandFS as well and make the necessary configuration settings there. It’s all explained in the included Quick Start Guide.

The Airbus H125 is now available for free through Remember, this model of the H125 is still a work in progress, with an estimated 75% of the project awaiting completion. Make sure to forward any feedback you may have to Rotor Sim Pilot, which will hopefully be taken into account in future updates.

airbus h125 helicopter project HCMiB.jpg

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