Orbx releases LA Police Helipads for MSFS

Orbx has released a new scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator that caters to helicopter pilots in the sim. The Police Activities Expansion Pack is aimed at simmers who dream about exploring LA’s urban jungle with the helicopter of their choice, using a large variety of helipads to practice landings in a realistic setting.

In this new scenery for MSFS, Orbx has added a detailed model of the LAPD Hooper Heliport (also released by iniScene a few months ago), along with the police headquarters and the LA County jail. Besides this, Orbx also added a more comprehensive selection of helipads located all around the LA basin.

Los Angeles is one of the biggest helicopter playgrounds in the world and it can be a pretty fun experience in MSFS when using a helicopter such as the HPG H145 and its Action Packs.

Helipads LA Police is out now for MSFS, priced at just around $10 through Orbx Direct.

orbx la helipads police msfs 06

orbx la helipads police msfs 05

orbx la helipads police msfs 04

orbx la helipads police msfs 03

orbx la helipads police msfs 01