Rotor Sim Pilot’s freeware helicopter, the Robinson R44, is now available for MSFS

As promised just a couple of days ago, Rotor Sim Pilot released today an early version of the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s an Alpha release, very early in development, which serves to showcase the current capabilities of the flight model developed by Fred Naar with the implementation of AirlandFS.

The developer is clear with the indication that this project is only about 5% complete. The visuals and sounds still have a long way to go if it wants to be seen as a truly high-quality aircraft for MSFS. However, the star of the show right now is are flight dynamics, which should be very realistic and set a new bar for helicopter flight models in MSFS. AirlandFS is definitely a very promising new tool that will surely accelerate the pace of development of new helis for Flight Simulator.

The freeware download comes with a handy quick-start guide to take you through the necessary steps to install the aircraft successfully. It’s not as straightforward as just dropping some files in the Community folder, due to the need to also install AirlandFS, but the guide explains the few steps clearly.

A clear roadmap is also provided now, so people can know what future improvements and features to expect, and when.

The Robinson R44 Raven II is now available from, and remember, this is still in a very early stage of development, so it’s important to provide any helpful feedback to the developers so the product can continue to evolve.

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