Get a growing number of excellent EU airports for a 24€ one-time purchase

The arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020 generated an unprecedented community of third-party developers who immediately went to work to offer new and improved content for the platform. We have seen many new freeware developers, who consistently output excellent add-ons out of pure generosity, as well as new development studios who saw the opportunity to create a business around MSFS.

An interesting business model that we recently discovered comes from The creator proposes an interesting deal: make a on-time purchase of 24€ and get lifetime access to a growing number of interesting and quality airports. By becoming a “member” of the community, you get immediate access to 20 airports (as of this writing), access to the forum, and also to any future airports to be released. Quite a good deal, as we’ve seen the developer launch a new airport seemingly every month.

What you get is a pretty compelling package if this is the sort of airports that you enjoy. They are all in Europe so far, and feature mostly regional/smaller airports. The quality that is being offered is quite impressive considering how much you’re paying – many of these airports could easily be sold as a standalone payware scenery for 10 to 15 Euros.

beautifulmodelworld airport MSFS 6

beautifulmodelworld airport MSFS 5

beautifulmodelworld airport MSFS 4

beautifulmodelworld airport MSFS 3

beautifulmodelworld airport MSFS 1

If you’re on the fence, there’s a freeware airport created by the developer which should hopefully give you an idea of the quality to expect. Locher Sarentino Airfield, in Italy, is available through, and it’s a challenging airfield that looks great for a freeware. But the newer airports that are included with the Membership look even better, with some notable additions such as the airport of Valencia, Venice or Rome.

With new airports being added over time (the developer even answers to user requests), this can be a good choice to get something good and new every now and then, knowing that the quality of the scenery will be good. Check what’s available and buy the membership through the official website at