Indiafoxtecho and MilViz partnering to bring the T-45C Goshawk to MSFS

Indiafoxtecho, makers of the amazing Aermacchi MB-339, have announced a partnership with MilViz to bring another military jet to MSFS. It will be the T-45C Goshawk, a carrier-capable jet trainer used by the US Navy.

This will be Indiafoxtecho’s second aircraft for Flight Simulator, and is a very promising one, despite the well known current limitations of the sim. As we know, carrier operations are not yet supported, and truth be told it’s not something we’ve heard the developers talk about since the sim’s release.

Still, Indiafoxtecho is confident they can create a “reasonably realistic and fun” recreation of this aircraft, and there’s no reason to doubt that, seeing how well they’ve done with the MB-339.

Although there’s obviously no release date yet, we shouldn’t have to wait a lot for this new release. According to the developer, “it’s done when it’s done”, but they should it should not take more than a couple of months to finish it. Stay tuned for further developments! In the meantime, some screenshots: