A freeware Discus-2c glider is coming to MSFS on Jan 1st, remastered by Got Friends

Update, December 29th: After our original post over a week ago, Got Friends have announced the release date for the Discus-2c and released an official trailer. Read more below!

Microsoft Flight Simulator is still waiting for official glider support, but that hasn’t stopped third-party developers to innovate and create their own alternatives. We saw that first with the freeware Discus-2b, which launched earlier this year. It’s no longer available to download, but the next best thing is coming very soon: a completely remastered and much improved new version, the Discus-2c!

The -2b version was developed by Jonx, who is one of the members of Got Friends. So, this newly updated glider is now coming to life for MSFS by the hands of the talented developers who brought us the GeeBee R3 and are also currently working on the Grumman F4F-4 and Mike Patey’s Draco.

Got Friends is now nearing the completion of the Discus-2c, which should again be released for free. But that’s just the initial plans, because the team is looking to add even more features for a Marketplace release, which will effectively make the Discus-2c available for Xbox users.

Discus 2c glider MSFS 1

Discus 2c glider MSFS 3

Discus 2c glider MSFS 4

Discus 2c glider MSFS 5

Discus 2c glider MSFS 6

Discus 2c glider MSFS 7

Discus 2c glider MSFS 8

You may remember that the Discus-2b used an external app (Kinetic Assistant) to generate thermals and launch the glider into the air. With the Discus-2c, the implementation will be more straightforward. For starters, MSFS already allows basic thermals by setting the correct temperatures, so apparently ridge and wind soaring already work. Then, Got Friends is developing its own internal launch system, which will obviously be a must-have for Xbox users.

Here’s what you can expect from the free version once it releases on New Year’s Day:

– Built in-game Winch Launch Control (No External Applications Required).
– B-21 Navigation Display and FSSoar Navigation.
– Digital Variometer and adjustable Variotone volume and energy modes.
– Swappable Metric and Imperial Gauges.
– Working FLARM detection system.
– Wingflex and Yawstring.
– Functional Ballast Dump and Effects

After this initial launch, Got Friends will work on a “premium” payware bundle, the one to be released in the Marketplace, which will add a number of additional features and nice-to-haves:

– Extra Liveries
– 18m FES Variant
– 18m 2cT Variant
– Multiple Panel Layouts
– Custom Sounds
– More Launch Capabilities
– Better Navigation Interface
– Optional Wingtip Wheels
– Optional CG Hook
– Optional Oxygen Cylinder Mounts
– Additional Batteries and Avionic Systems
– Blue Tinted Canopy Options

The end goal is to provide an excellent standard package for free. Those looking for additional features can then purchase the payware package.

Soaring is definitely something that deserves much more attention in MSFS, which has enormous potential here with its realistic and beautiful scenery and weather. Hopefully, with Got Friends involvement, more attention can be brought to this activity and hopefully help push the functionality forward in MSFS.

While the Discus-2c will be out very soon, Got Friends has more in store for us. After the Discus-2c releases, the Grumman F4F-4 should follow shortly after. And then… the team has another exciting project to announce in partnership with a very prominent aircraft manufacturer. What will it be? Stay tuned to learn more in 2022!