Check out Godzone’s New Zealand airports for MSFS, starting with NZTI Taieri

It’s a well-known fact that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a rich variety of landscapes that absolutely shine when appreciated from the air above. Over the years, multiple developers have taken advantage of this by recreating New Zealand’s airports and airfields for flight simulation, providing high-quality bases for enthusiastic pilots to use on their adventures across the land of the Kiwis.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, we have already a variety of great add-ons for New Zealand, such as Orbx’s NZ Mesh, Flightbeam Studios’ Auckland International Airport, or NZA Simulations’ striking NZNS – Nelson and NZMK – Motueka. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Godzone, a smaller independent developer who has recently debuted with an impressive first scenery for MSFS: NZTI Taieri Aerodrome.

NZTI Taieri is a small aerodrome in New Zealand’s South Island, and it’s home to the Otago Aero Club, the oldest aero club in the country. Godzone recreated this airfield for MSFS with very impressive detail, starting with the photorealistic PBR textures that are seen throughout the scenery. Furthermore, there are more than 150 individual custom models, such as posts, fences, rocks bushes, and more. A very realistic setting!

NZTI Taieri Airport MSFS 10

NZTI Taieri Airport MSFS 9

NZTI Taieri Airport MSFS 8

NZTI Taieri Airport MSFS 7

NZTI Taieri Airport MSFS 6

NZTI Taieri Airport MSFS 5

NZTI Taieri Airport MSFS 4

NZTI Taieri Airport MSFS 2

NZTI Taieri Airport MSFS 1

Godzone released NZTI Taieri a few months ago, and you can purchase this grassy scenery directly from the developer’s website for just $13.50.

For the future, Godzone has plans to bring more of New Zealand’s beautiful airfields to MSFS. NZCH, the main airport serving the city of Christchurch, is now well underway for a likely release in 2022. The developer also has plans to work on at least two additional undisclosed airports, if local authorities allow access to the locations, which Godzone needs to gather the necessary images that he uses to realistically recreate each site.

To learn more about Godzone’s plans for 2022 and also to get a small insight into what’s on his mind, check the latest development update on his website, where he also talks a bit about the flight simulation industry and his thoughts about having multiple developers working on the same scenery. After all, NZA Simulations is also working to bring a very detailed rendition of Christchurch Airport to MSFS… Worth a look!