Celebrate the New Year in MSFS with a worldwide fireworks display!

PuffinFlight made a name for himself over the last year in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator with the We Love VFR series, one of the best freeware add-ons you can get for MSFS. Now, to celebrate the success and thank the community for the support throughout the year, PuffinFlight has released a cool new add-on that is just perfect to end 2021: a massive display of fireworks across the world’s largest cities!

This new freeware add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator adds fireworks effects all around the world on several occasions. This time of the year you will see fireworks displays all over the world as each nation crosses into 2022, but other dates are also celebrated, such as the 4th of July in the US, Guy Fawkes Day in the UK, and more. The entire list with all the celebrated times and dates is as follows:

  • 31 Dec – New Year’s Eve – All around the World. Starts after dark around 20.00. Main displays from 22.00 till 1.30
  • Everyday – Disney World/Land, Florida, and California – 21.30-21.45
  • 01 Feb (2022) – Chinese New Year – China – 0:00-6:00
  • 16 May – Developer’s wife birthday – Somewhere in Poland – 20.00-22.30
  • 04 Jul – USA Independence Day – USA – 20.00-0.00
  • 14 Jul – Bastille Day – official displays in France – 22.00-0.00
  • 01 Aug – Swiss National Day – Switzerland – 22.00-0.00
  • 18 Aug – MSFS anniversary – Asobo HQ – 20.00-22.30
  • 20 Aug – St. Stephen’s Day – bigger cities in Hungary – 21.00-23.00
  • 24 Oct (2022) – Diwali – India – 20.00-0.00
  • 05 Nov – Guy Fawkes Day – United Kingdom – 19.00-22.00
  • 11 Nov – Polish Independence Day – bigger cities in Poland – 20.00-22.00 
  • 30 Nov – St. Andrews Day – Scotland – 19.30-21.00
  • 24 Dec – Christmas Eve – Peru – 22.00-2.00

The New Year fireworks take place in every city with a population above 50.000, and the bigger the city the bigger the spectacle! Expect huge displays in places such as Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and so on.

Note that the times above are local, but the clock in MSFS is in the UTC timezone, so you will have to make some adjustments to get the timing right. As usual, installation is as easy as dropping the downloaded folder into your Community Folder. Performance impact is minimal, but you may experience slightly lower FPS, especially in the bigger cities.

As we came to expect from PuffinFlight, this is a thoughtful and well-put-together package, a good new reason to do some flights this time of the year and kickstart 2022 with a smile!

We Love VFR Xtra – Fireworks is now available for free through Flightsim.to.

we love vfr xtra fireworks MSFS 1

we love vfr xtra fireworks MSFS 3