NZAA Auckland International Airport from Flightbeam Studios is out for MSFS

Flightbeam Studios has finally released this week its highly-anticipated recreation of Auckland’s International Airport for MSFS.

NZAA is the studio’s most ambitious project ever, an impressively realistic work that makes use of all the eye candy that is possible to implement in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s also a massive undertaking that has been in development for many months. After all, NZAA is New Zealand’s largest and busiest airport, with more than 20 million passengers per year.

After a highly successful release in P3D, Flightbeam is now finally presenting MSFS simmers the possibility to experience for themselves what a big, accurate, and immersive airport can feel like in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developers worked with airport officials to get privileged access to the location, which has enabled the creation of a very detailed collection of all the airport’s features.

NZAA features a number of exciting features, and there’s more to come in future free upgrades. At launch, you’ll find a wide variety of custom static aircraft from well-known airliners, highly-detailed jetways, bespoke taxiway lights and runway approach lighting, and much more. But Flightbeam Studios is already planning the introduction of a Visual Docking Guidance System for each gate, animated passengers and workers, and updates to reflect the latest construction work in the airport. These new features should come soon at no additional cost.

NZAA Auckland International Airport is now available for MSFS, and will set you back just $19.99 through Contrail.

flightbeam nzaa aucland msfs 1

flightbeam nzaa aucland msfs 6

flightbeam nzaa aucland msfs 4

flightbeam nzaa aucland msfs 3

flightbeam nzaa aucland msfs 2


  • Wide variety of custom static aircraft, from DHL to FEDEX and more
  • Elaborately detailed and realistic 4096×4096 textures with carefully crafted PBR materials
  • Multi-layered, realistic hand-painted ground textures with PBR and custom decals
  • All new Gen-5 Flightbeam Jetways, packed with astounding detail, wear & tear and precision guidance
  • Control Tower interiors, comprehensive modeling and perfect for virtual plane-spotting or virtual ATC operations
  • Key terminal interiors modeled for an exceptional immersive view from the cockpit
  • Massive, high resolution ground imagery included, surrounding the outskirts of the airport
  • Custom-made taxiway lights and runway approach lighting
  • Hand placed custom apron night lights and glows for night time ops
  • Aggressive LOD optimization, ensuring smooth performance even for modest systems
  • Kiwi-approved product, with the vast majority of beta-testers being local to the airport

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