This mod for the Icon A5 improves its performance, adds upgraded G3X Avionics and autopilot

Here’s another mod that improves one of the default MSFS airplanes. This time it’s the Icon A5 to see some nice changes, thanks to the work of a few fans that decided to join efforts in improving a series of features on the A5. And that’s how the ICON A5 2021 Performance Edition was born!

First and foremost, the A5 Performance Edition brings with it a more powerful engine, which has been supercharged to deliver more than 150 HP. Additionally, you will also find an upgraded avionics system in the form of the G3X Touch display, which ads a 2-axis autopilot and some great new IFR features such as synthetic vision.

The increase in engine power translates into a more pleasant flight experience. The A5 is now capable of cruise speeds up to 95 knots and a top speed of 120 knots. You will also experience shorter take off times in both land and water.

The introduction of the G3X Touch panel brings the virtual Icon A5 up to its real counterpart, which actually received that same upgrade just a few months ago. The highlight is definitely the improved 2-axis autopilot, followed by the new features that increase situational awareness.

The A5 2021 Performance Edition is now available for free. Also check the official Discord channel if you need any help, or if you’d like to share some suggestions with the devs.

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