FlightFX shares new previews of the Piaggio P.180 Avanti II for MSFS, teases mysterious new project

FlightFX has established themselves as a formidable presence in Microsoft Flight Simulator, following the release of the exceptional Vision Jet and HJet. These models are regarded as two of the best small jets within the simulator. Since then, the team has continued their momentum with the introduction of an apt airport – KDPA DuPage, while simultaneously working on new projects.

Among these is the Piaggio P.180 Avanti II, which has been relatively quiet since its initial announcement in March. However, FlightFX recently shared more about this aircraft in a live stream with our friend twotonemurphy, simultaneously unveiling a mysterious and thrilling new project that many are speculating to be the Cessna Citation X.

But let’s start with the Avanti II. During the live stream, FlightFX provided an enticing look into the development of this aircraft, showcasing both the Avanti II and hinting at their enigmatic new project, “Project Apx.”

flightfx p180 avanti 2 msfs 6

flightfx p180 avanti 2 msfs 4

flightfx p180 avanti 2 msfs 2

flightfx p180 avanti 2 msfs 5

flightfx p180 avanti 2 msfs 1

flightfx p180 avanti 2 msfs 10

flightfx p180 avanti 2 msfs 9

flightfx p180 avanti 2 msfs 8

flightfx p180 avanti 2 msfs 7

Nick Sdoucos from FlightFX revealed new images of the Avanti II, demonstrating the exceptional modeling and texturing that is being implemented in this airplane. He mentioned that the project has recently gained momentum, particularly highlighting the photorealism in the texturing of the aircraft’s seats and landing gear.

FlightFX’s commitment to authentically representing the Avanti was further evidenced by their on-site visit in North Carolina. Here, they spent two days closely examining a real Avanti aircraft. With Boris Vanian’s help, known for his work on the FBW A32NX, the Vision Jet, and other sound packs, the team captured the complete audio profile of the aircraft and conducted extensive photographic coverage, ensuring that every detail would be accurately represented in the simulator. They even performed a 3D scan for unparalleled fidelity!

The stream also showcased several screenshots, revealing the impressive detail and photorealism in the landing gear, seats, and yoke. As revealed during when it was announced, the FlightFX Avanti II will be equipped with the ProLine 21 avionics, ensuring an in-depth experience for simmers looking for a new high-fidelity business aircraft in MSFS.

Interestingly, FlightFX isn’t just focusing on the Avanti II; they are also developing its sibling, the Evo. While fundamentally similar, the Evo and Avanti II differ in a few key areas. The Evo features more modern interiors, different placements for the landing lights, and winglets, which are expected to introduce some performance differences between the models.

FlightFX promises to reveal more details about the project as a whole, pricing, and release date at a later time.

“Project Apx” – is FlightFX working on the Citation X?

Adding to the excitement, FlightFX is also teasing a mysterious new endeavour, “Project Apx.” This new project is set to bring to MSFS a new high-fidelity aircraft that will feature a unique avionics package, distinct from any currently available in the simulator. The team is planning a gradual marketing campaign that will see the scope of this project being unveiled over time, with increasingly revealing teaser images.

flightfx citation x msfs project apx 5 teasers

flightfx citation x msfs project apx 5

Above, the teaser images shared by FlightFX and a comparison with the X-Plane Citation X.

However, the initial teaser images might have given away more than intended. The first teaser images shared by FlightFX have led the community to speculate that the new aircraft might be a Citation X, a hypothesis bolstered by comparisons with real-world photographs of the said aircraft. One member of FlightFX’s Discord even pointed out the striking similarities between two of the teaser images and the instrument panel of the X-Plane Citation X.

Marwan Gharib, lead developer of the HJet and known FlightFX collaborator, has previously expressed his admiration for the Citation X, suggesting a possible motivation behind this project.

While FlightFX has yet to confirm any of these speculations, they are expected to continue their teaser campaign for “Project Apx” in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for further updates soon!