FlightFX releases KDPA DuPage Airport for MSFS

If you own one of FlightFx’s excellent business jets, the Vision Jet and the HJet, the team has something new that may entice you to make another investment into your career as bizjet pilot in MSFS: DuPage Airport (KDPA), a bustling general aviation airport in Illinois. This scenery offers a perfect synergy with FlightFX’s previous business jet releases, making DuPage an ideal landing spot for these high-end aircraft.

Built in close coordination with the DuPage Airport Authority, with the help of on-site photography of all major facilities, FlightFX ensures that the virtual airport is a true-to-life representation of its real-world counterpart.

As you taxi along the reworked taxiways, you’ll notice the attention to detail in the signage, crucial for those who rely on accurate ground markings. You will also find plenty of custom static aircraft, hangar interiors, and even an animated radar.

FlightFX Dupage Airport MSFS 2

The airport’s environment also features accurate landscaping, natural, undulating runways, and reworked landscaping. But there’s much more to grab your attention:

  • Built in coordination with the DuPage Airport Authority
  • On-site photography of all major facilities
  • Reworked taxiways and signage
  • High-res photographic textures
  • Custom ground plane
  • Custom rotating radar facility
  • Manual unwrapping of all UVW maps
  • Custom emissive night-lighting textures
  • Accurate landscaping
  • Natural, undulating runways
  • Interior modeling of key structures
  • In-hangar parking spaces to add realism
  • Interior modeled hangars
  • Hand crafted commercial signage around airport
  • Static GA and Corporate aircraft
  • Reworked landscaping
  • Ambient lighting improvements
FlightFX Dupage Airport MSFS 1

For those who have enjoyed FlightFX’s previous releases like the Vision Jet and HJet, DuPage Airport serves as an ideal starting point for exciting new flights. The airport’s facilities and level of detail make it a fitting stage for these high-end aircraft, offering a seamless and realistic scenery of this bustling GA airport.

DuPage Airport is available now from Contrail, priced at just $10.24 USD. It’s also available in the MSFS Marketplace for both PC and Xbox!