The Flight FX HJet is now available for MSFS from third-party stores

Marwan Gharib’s HJet (published by Flight FX), originally launched in the MSFS Marketplace three months ago, is now making an appearance on the most popular third-party flight simulation stores. It’s a welcome change in the release plans for the popular business jet (many simmers prefer to make their purchases outside the Marketplace), but it’s also an interesting one: most add-ons end up being released in the Marketplace a few weeks after the initial launch on other stores, not the other way around!

This was probably a clever move by Flight FX, as it enabled a simultaneous launch for PC and Xbox while also offering some protection against piracy (yes, that is sadly still a problem). However, this left out some of the most stubborn ones who avoid Marketplace purchases at all costs.

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 15

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 14

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 13

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 12

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 11

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 9

Marwan FlightFX HJet MSFS 10

Thankfully, the HJet is now available across a wider variety of stores, such as Contrail.

The HJet retains its favorable price outside the Marketplace, at just around $25.00. It’s also an even better aircraft now than ever before (it actually just got a big update that adds a number of further refinements in the whole experience).

In the end, this is probably the most complete business jet in Microsoft Flight Simulator and a truly impressive work from Marwan Gharib. Highly recommended!

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