Imaginesim Releases WSSS Singapore Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Are you itching for a new major international airport to fly to in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Well, Imaginesim might have just the perfect pick for you. Their latest release invites us to visit one of Asia’s most important and impressive aviation hubs: WSSS Singapore Changi Airport.

This is an opportunity to experience the hustle and excitement of an airport consistently voted as one of the best in the world. Singapore Changi is now on its way to recovering pre-pandemic passenger numbers that reached nearly 70 million per year and is currently in the midst of a transformative expansion, set to be completed by 2030. This includes a new 4-kilometer runway, 02R/20L, and 40 kilometers of taxiways, reflecting the airport’s vision for future growth.

Imaginesim’s rendition of Changi attempts to capture this evolving infrastructure, offering a unique blend of present and future airport landscapes.

ImagineSim Singapore Airport MSFS 5

ImagineSim Singapore Airport MSFS 4

ImagineSim Singapore Airport MSFS 3

ImagineSim Singapore Airport MSFS 2

ImagineSim Singapore Airport MSFS 1

Here are the key features of Imaginesim’s WSSS Singapore for MSFS:

  • Updated runways and taxiways, including the new 02C/20C and 02R/20L, new parking bays, and extensive taxiway networks.
  • High-definition textures on buildings and structures for a realistic visual experience.
  • Optimized performance ensuring fluid usage in various simulation scenarios.
  • The inclusion of the mid-field Terminal 5 construction area, adding depth to the airport’s layout.
  • Custom Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) for an authentic piloting experience.
  • Imaginesim’s bespoke Operations Center configuration GUI and interactive jetways.
  • Efficient scenery loading and minimal simulator impact, with options for ultra or standard texture sets.
  • A comprehensive 52 square kilometer coverage of the WSSS area.

Imaginesim’s WSSS Singapore for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available exclusively at, priced at £19.99.