Black Square announces the B60 Duke for Microsoft Flight Simulator

In an exclusive interview with Just Flight, Nick Cyganski of Black Square Simulations broke the news about his latest product for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the B60 Duke! Black Square, known for its Real Taxiways and Analog Steam Gauge Overhaul add-ons, plans to offer both the original reciprocating-engine Duke and the Turbine Duke conversion, expanding its range of high-quality aircraft offerings after the rather impressive mods for the Bonanza, the Baron, King Air, and Grand Caravan.

Cyganski, a real-world pilot, grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts, and studied Robotics Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His passion for flight simulation began with Flight Unlimited (1995) and Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. While attending university, Cyganski combined his love for aviation and robotics by helping a local flight school configure their flight simulation hardware and software in exchange for flying time.

Black Square B60 Duke MSFS 4

Black Square B60 Duke MSFS 3

Black Square B60 Duke MSFS 2

Black Square B60 Duke MSFS 1

As a one-man band, Cyganski has remained focused on producing high-quality products that prioritize interior systems quality over exterior eye candy. “I try to spoil myself and make every other aircraft feel hollow in comparison,” he explained.

As for the big reveal, Cyganski announced the B60 Duke for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which will include both the original reciprocating-engine Duke and the Turbine Duke conversion. Describing it as “the best product in the Black Square catalogue”, he shared that development is progressing rapidly. The first batch of ‘work in progress’ screenshots is also now available so simmers can get a glimpse into the current state of the aircraft’s modeling. Black Square promises to bring further updates on the B60 Duke’s progress as soon as possible.

Black Square B60 Duke MSFS 9

Black Square B60 Duke MSFS 8

Black Square B60 Duke MSFS 7

Black Square B60 Duke MSFS 6

This is undoubtedly an exciting announcement from a developer that has quickly established himself as one of the top creators in the MSFS community. The Duke is a stunning twin-engined aircraft, whose looks are only matched by the immense power of the Turbine modification. Many simmers certainly have fond memories of RealAir’s phenomenal Turbine Duke, one of the absolute best airplanes from the golden eras of FSX and P3D, whose remarkable realism and in-depth simulation are still a reference today. It will be interesting to see how Black Square will tackle this project and how it will compare with their previous releases and, inevitably, with RealAir’s legendary offering.

The B60 Duke joins a list of aircraft in development from Black Square that already includes the Beechcraft Starship and the TBM 850. As always, you can count on our continuous coverage of this exciting new aircraft for MSFS, so stay tuned for further news as development progresses at Black Square!