Black Square teases the Beechcraft Starship for MSFS

Black Square is on the verge of launching their new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the very cool Steam Gauge Overhaul for the default Grand Caravan and King Air. Interestingly, in a teaser video shared this week about that mod, Black Square took the opportunity to tease us for a brand new aircraft: the Beechcraft Starship!

Black Square launched their first airplane for MSFS not too long ago, the Velocity XL. It proved to be a great product, with great visuals and a good simulation depth. Now, the team is turning their attention to the Beechcraft Starship, an airplane that shares some similarities with the Velocity XL with its canard design and pusher engine configuration.

The Starship may look similar to the Velocity XL, but it’s a much more robust bird. It’s much longer, wider, and faster, designed to succeed to the Kind Air and possibly steal some customers from light business jets of the time.

Black Square Beech Starship MSFS 4

Black Square Beech Starship MSFS 3

Black Square Beech Starship MSFS 2

Black Square Beech Starship MSFS 1

Unfortunately, the Starship ended up as a failed project, with just a few dozen airframes built. But it’s undeniable that it’s a very cool-looking airplane, with a unique design and a few desirable characteristics, such as its protection against stalls guaranteed by the front canard, which stalls before the main wing and therefore leads to a nose drop that helps to recover from this dangerous state. Again, much like the Velocity XL.

Black Square doesn’t reveal any further details about this airplane other than the handful of perspectives we can see in the video. Still, we should soon start learning more about this project as the developers push the overhauled King Air and Grand Caravan out of the door, so stay tuned for further news over the next few weeks!