Got Friends releases Astro ONE, another game changer for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Got Friends is out with another very unique new flying experience for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Astro ONE, the personal racing drone inspired by the real-world Jetson ONE, is now available for download through Got Friends’ website, priced at an introductory offer of $9.99 until April 27 and planned to retail for $12.99 after that date. It’s also coming soon to the Marketplace for both PC and Xbox!

Astro ONE comes with a highly customised EVTOL flight model and a range of very cool features, such as 24 liveries, custom sounds, optional body kits, visual effects, and a stunning race track for nighttime flights (courtesy of Emerald Scenery Design).

Astro ONE features Got Friends’ typical innovative quality and attention to detail. This is a small aircraft but it offers a riveting and immersive flying experience. The simple cockpit is both functional and easy to use, with excellent visibility. Users can customize their experience by toggling through different features, such as Sport and Boost modes, terrain tracking, and Hover mode. The aircraft also offers various click spots that enable users to enable body kit options such as prop guards, neon RGB lighting, or rearview mirrors.

As you start your first flight in the Astro ONE, it’s advised to go slow and steady to get the hang of it. As you fly around, you’ll quickly realize that the manoeuvrability is nothing short of fantastic, with various modes to choose from, such as sports and track modes.

In sports mode, you’ll experience increased control input, making it possible to execute aerobatic manoeuvres such as loops and rolls. Astro ONE is extremely fun to fly around, zipping around effortlessly and exactly as the pilot intends.

The included Astro Corsa scenery pack by Emerald Scenery Design adds an extra layer of enjoyment, featuring colorful lights that come to life during nighttime flights. The visuals are simply stunning on this racing track, with a vibe that reminds of the classic Wipeout for PlayStation. The course itself is challenging, requiring skill and precision to navigate tight turns and tunnels.

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 1 1

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 2 1

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 3 1

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Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 5 1

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Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 7 1

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Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 9 1

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 11

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 12

Got Friends Astro ONE MSFS 13

Astro ONE is highly entertaining for beginner and experienced simmers. It’s another testament to Got Friends’ out-of-the-box thinking that is capable of offering MSFS simmers both unique experiences like this, and realistic aircraft such as the Wilga. Great visuals and sounds and a fantastic VTOL flight model make for a very fun and compelling aircraft to zip around in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Astro ONE is now available for just $9.99.