Just Flight releases Real Taxiways Europe for MSFS with accurately placed real-world taxiway signs

Just Flight has released a new product from Black Square’s Real Taxiways series. After the previous release for US Military Airfields and Class B, C, D, and non-towered Airports, Black Square has now turned to Europe to greatly enhance the navigation in more than one thousand default airports.

Real Taxiways Europe adds a wide variety of accurately-placed and realistic taxiway signs, covering 40 countries in the Old Continent. These signs should now be more readable, since they are available in many new sizes and types. In total, Real Taxiways Europe adds more than 41.500 taxiway signs across, in a wide variety of types:

  • ILS hold
  • ILS critical area
  • Runway safety area
  • Runway approach hold
  • Destination
  • Information
  • Runway distance remaining
  • Noise abatement
  • Movement area
  • Run-up areas
  • End of taxiway
  • Special location
  • No entry
  • Vehicle entry
real taxiways europe msfs 4

real taxiways europe msfs 3

real taxiways europe msfs 2

Black Square hopes to provide a more realistic airport environment for pilots, fixing issues that sometimes existing with improperly placed or unreadable signs in default airports. With Real Taxiways, navigation should be easier and better match the real-world scenarios.

Real Taxiways Europe is now available for £26.99 / €33.95 / $39.99. The USA version is also available for a similar price, but there’s a nice new bundle that includes both packages, which is available for £29.99 / €37.95 / $44.99. Additionally, existing owners of the USA version also have the chance to get this new Europe version at a significantly lower price.