The B-2-inspired KwikFlight Spirit is out now for Microsof Flight Simulator

iniBuilds has surprised us today with the launch, on their store, of a surprising new aircraft for MSFS. The Spirit from KwikFlight is clearly heavily inspired by the B-2 bomber and comes from a new team of “industry veterans” who look to make a splash in the community.

KwikFlight’s goal of releasing a “fun, interactive and most importantly, accessible experience” seem to be on full display here. The Spirit is priced at just £13.99 and seems focused on pure entertainment. The strike bay doors with air-to-ground capability and stealth mode are just a few examples of the attention to detail that has been put into this aircraft.

The ability to drop bombs from the strike bay is one of the Spirit’s standout features. This feature, stealth mode, and a few others are exclusive for purchases made through the iniBuilds store.

Kwik FLight B 2 Spirit MSFS 6

Kwik FLight B 2 Spirit MSFS 7

Kwik FLight B 2 Spirit MSFS 4

Kwik FLight B 2 Spirit MSFS 3

Kwik FLight B 2 Spirit MSFS 2

Kwik FLight B 2 Spirit MSFS 1

Inside the Spirit, the cockpit is equipped with a Flight Management System, featuring COM, NAV, PRFM, and FPLN modes. The six independent MFDs and the Engine Function Display (EFD) offer vital information from GPS navigation to engine systems. Given the secrecy of the real-world B-2 Spirit, expect these systems to be more like a creative exercise from the developers rather than a faithful representation of the real-world capabilities of the plane.

Autopilot modes include heading hold, Nav/GPS hold, altitude hold, and approach mode. The fully tool-tipped cockpit and complete checklist functionality add to the accessibility of the aircraft.

The Spirit also includes seven high-quality liveries for pilots to enjoy, including Classic Grey (Spirit), which is the one that more closely resembles the USAF B-2, and also a Kwikflight House, Candy Cane Knight, Soaring Eagle, Bronze Tiger, Venom Viper, and Orange Lion liveries. All completely fictional.

KwikFlight Spirit is certainly an intriguing take on the legendary B-2. TopMachStudios, whose work on the B-2 Spirit for MSFS was announced late last year, may have been caught off guard with this launch, but can hopefully end up releasing their own vision for this aircraft.

The KwikFlight Spirit is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at £13.99 from the iniBuilds store. Given the nature of the product, expect a release in the MSFS Marketplace in due time!

Cockpit & External Features

  •  Functioning FMS with the following modes:
    – COM. Tune VHF 1 and 2, ADF and Transponder
    – NAV. Tune VOR 1 &2, TACAN 1 & 2 and switch autopilot NAV following mode between GPS/NAV/TAC.
    – PRFM (Performance). Automatically calculated V speeds based on current weight and weather.
    – FPLN. When a flight plan is loaded from the world map it automatically loads in the FMS with direct to function available.
  •  6 independent Multi Function Display (MFD) screens and Engine Function Display (EFD) featuring:
    – GPS, Engine control System (ECS), FUEL, Flight Control (FCH) and Engine (ENG) system pages.
    – MFD Head Up Display (HUD) repeater with functional flight path and energy bracket.
    – Rose nav mode with TACAN, VOR and ILS approach modes.
    – STATS page with crew alert system.
    – VSD top-down map view.
    – Working air to air radar.
    – Synthetic terrain vision mode (TFR).
  •  Autopilot modes include:
    Heading hold, Nav/GPS hold, Altitude hold & Approach mode.
  •  Fully tool tipped cockpit and complete checklist functionality.
  •  Animated crew access ladder
  •  Engine secondary intake vents modelled and animated
  •  Air to Ground Strike capability supported (iniBuilds store only)
  •  Stealth mode (navigation/strobe lights retract and rudder deflection reduced)
  •  Animated air to air refueling point