FTXDes developing stunning model of Ramon International Airport for MSFS

FTXDes, known for their work on the P3D and FSX platforms, has announced their first airport project for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Ramon International Airport (LLER), the second busiest airport in Israel. The developer, Felix Tchvertkin, has shared some insights into the development process and what simmers can expect from this very promising first release for MSFS.

LLER Ramon International Airport was initially released for P3D and FSX almost two years ago. According to Felix Tchvertkin, the P3D version featured a complex 3D mesh model to cover the airport’s topography. The challenge lay in translating this intricate design into MSFS, given the different development tools and environment.

After much deliberation, the team decided to convert the ground model directly to MSFS. While this approach required flattening the airport’s terrain, the results are promising. The developer noted that the ground model in MSFS looks quite good when compared to the SDK terraforming options available.

LLER Ramon Airport MSFS 8

LLER Ramon Airport MSFS 6

LLER Ramon Airport MSFS 4

LLER Ramon Airport MSFS 5

LLER Ramon Airport MSFS 3

LLER Ramon Airport MSFS 7

LLER Ramon Airport MSFS 1

The upcoming MSFS version will feature detailed drainage trenches, a new model of the terminal with updated roof hatches, and a 7-meter wall separating the apron from the parking area. The next steps in development include the addition of taxi and runway lights. The initial preview images shared by the developer showcase the very impressive modeling and texturing work that is being put into this project, which looks photorealistic in places.

The developer’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to realism make this an airport to watch out for. While the release date is yet to be announced, the project’s progress suggests that it’s moving ahead at a good pace. Hopefully the release is not too far off!

A shout-out to our reader Sean K for tipping us off on this project!