Top Mach Studios announces development of the B-2 Spirit for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Top Mach Studios has announced a new project for MSFS, a follow-up to the F-22A Raptor released in the summer. The team is now working on another highly-secretive aircraft, an absolute legend of North America’s war arsenal and a technological marvel that remains unrivaled in the skies: the Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit!

The F-22 is a beautiful airplane with a custom flight model that seeks to replicate that aircraft’s super-maneuverable characteristics. For the B-2 Spirit, Top Mach Studios will attempt to deliver a similar concept, with a model rich in visual details while being rewarding and enjoyable to fly.

The B-2 is as much of a secret as the F-22 regarding its operational capabilities, so the Top Mach Studios developers promise to do their best to put together all the available information and re-create the legendary bomber as realistically as possible for MSFS. This includes highly-detailed visuals, which should be the easy part, along with a “highly functional” hands-on experience for pilots who wish to get a taste of what flying the B-2 in real life might be like.

top mach studios b 2 spirit msfs 2

For now, Top Mach Studios is working on the 3D model of the B-2. Above you can see a very early pre-production render of the model, which the developers kindly shared with us. Obviously, many further refinements to the model and textures are to be expected, as is a detailed and realistic model of the interior and avionics.

Top Mach Studios is targeting both PC and Xbox simmers with this project. To speed up the release on the consoles, the team will forgo development within the WASM environment, as it’s taking a while for Asobo/MS to fix those issues (but it shouldn’t take much longer!).

So, how long will it take for Top Mach Studios to bring us the B-2? The team hasn’t set a specific date or deadline for delivery, but they expect development to move at a quicker pace than was the case for the F-22. Top Mach Studios hopes to reach a beta stage for the product in about 6 months, obviously with no commitments as it’s so early in the development cycle. As always, we’ll keep you posted!