The F-22A “Raptor” from Top Mach Studios is now out for MSFS

Top Mach Studios has finally released today its “premium” edition of the F-22A “Raptor” for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The highly advanced stealth fighter has been in development for over two years and has now arrived to MSFS with an impressive visual model and some unique flight capabilities!

You may remember an early preview we did of this project back in February, when Flight Mach Studios was approaching the final stages of development of this aircraft. The team already had a freeware version backing up their efforts and were looking to bring some of the spectacular features of the real F-22 to the hands of MSFS pilots.

These last two years of work have now come into fruition with today’s release of the F-22A for MSFS. This is a highly-detailed model of the ultimate jet fighter in the USAF arsenal, built for MSFS with a custom fly-by-wire control system that should enable most of the extreme maneuvers the F-22 is capable of with its powerful thrust-vectoring engines.

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 7

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 6

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 5

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 3

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 2

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 1

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 11

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 10

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 9

Top Mach Studios F 22 MSFS 8

Top Mach Studios is confident that there’s currently no aircraft in MSFS capable of flying like the newly launched F-22. Simmers should be able to pull off a wide variety of maneuvers that the real-world airplane is also capable of performing, thus providing hours of entertainment and the unique value of flying a truly special airplane.

Obviously, by tackling the F-22, the developers had to face the secrecy around this aircraft, since most of the data about it remains classified. Besides the external appearance and some combat capabilities, little is known about the Raptor, other that its unprecedented skills. With that in mind, Top Mach Studios claim to have done their best with the existing reference materials and accounts to make the most accurate and entertaining rendition of the F-22 for MSFS.

The Top Mach Studios also includes fully functional MFDs and PMFD, a custom ICP module, autopilot, and navigation controls, three liveries, numerous animations, realistic night lighting, and more. All of this, coupled with the beautiful interior and exterior model and the highly-customized flight model, should make for quite an experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

The Top Mach Studios F-22A is available now through the Just Flight store, priced at £24.99 / €27.95 / $35.99. A release in the marketplace is expected at a later date. Stay tuned for that, especially if you’re flying on Xbox!