Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) now available for Flight Simulator

FlightFX has recently released its depiction of KPWK Chicago Executive Airport for MSFS, an accurate and very detailed virtual version of this busy corporate and GA airfield. The developer is now a OrbxDirect Partner, hoping to enjoy the comfort and visibility of Orbx’s distribution platform.

Chicago Executive Airport is a popular location among corporate customers, which includes large organizations and smaller businesses and private owners. Currently home to 325 aircraft, it operates 24 hours a day, with ATC services during daytime until 10 PM.

KPWK is the fourth busiest airport in Illinois, playing a key role relieving major airports such as O’Hare from GA and business traffic.

FlightFX recreated this airport with over 30 custom-built structures and high-resolution photography for texturing. Also included are well-known landmarks around the airfield, for that added visual accuracy when arriving or departing from one of the three runways.

Chicago Executive Airport MSFS 6

Chicago Executive Airport MSFS 5

Chicago Executive Airport MSFS 4

Chicago Executive Airport MSFS 2

Chicago Executive Airport MSFS 1

Chicago Executive Airport by FlightFX is now available through Contrail for just under $11.00.

Main Features

  • Over 30 hand-crafted custom structures
  • Intricately arranged Southeastern GA parking that’s great for virtual fly-ins
  • On-site photography of all major structures
  • Design assistance from airport staff during development to ensure accuracy
  • Custom textures and ground signage on all taxiways
  • High-res photographic textures
  • 20k ground plane mapping
  • Includes well known, surrounding commercial landmarks
  • Manual unwrapping of all UVW maps
  • Custom emissive night-lighting textures
  • Bespoke details and highlights
  • Accurate landscaping
  • Natural, undulating runways
  • Hangar parking

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