The Carenado C170B is now available for Flight Simulator

It was “coming soon” a month ago, and now it’s here. The Carenado C170B, a gorgeous and very detailed simulation of Cessna’s classic taildragger, is now available for Flight Simulator through the built-in Marketplace. And at just $15 there’s little reason not to get it!

Usually Carenado releases new products very shortly after the announcement. We were a bit suspicious seeing the days and weeks go by after the project announcement in late May, and now that it’s out, more than a month later, it seems there’s a good reason for the slightly longer-than-expected delay between the reveal and the release. Microsoft seems to be making a relatively big deal about the C170B, releasing a very pretty video of the aircraft on Flight Simulator’s YouTube channel, something the team has only done for the CRJ so far. The C170B is also earning some attention for Jorg Neumann himself, who wrote an also unusual post about this release on Xbox Wire. Is this some kind of hallmark release for MSFS?

In any case, the C170B from Carenado does look quite striking. The studio has gotten us used to very beautiful models, and this latest release for MSFS is no exception. The C170B is a stunner inside and out, particularly in the cockpit, a gorgeous retro-style work of art.

The C170B is know for being a predecessor of the iconic 172 Skyhawk, but it’s also similar to older Cessna’s such as the 140. Curiously, Aeroplane Heaven released this week their depiction of the Cessna 140 for MSFS, which is essentially a smaller and simples C170. However, Carenado is significantly undercutting Aeroplane Heaven on price.

Carenado is offering two different models of the C170B: a regular and a tundra model. It also comes with six liveries and full use of PBR for added levels of visual realism and eye candy.

The C170B from Carenado is now available from the Marketplace. At just $15, there’s no reason not to get it!

Cessna 170B MSFS10

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