Flightbeam Studios’ NZAA Auckland coming to MSFS in August

Flightbeam Studios is getting ready to release its virtual version of Auckland International Airport (NZAA) for Flight Simulator. Flightbeam is just about the release the P3D version of the airport, and has revealed that the MSFS-compatible version of this scenery will come no later than next month!

As expected from Flightbeam, this will be an extremely detailed rendition of NZAA, as true-to-life and good-looking as it can get in flight simulation. Official screenshots have now been released (albeit for the P3D version), showing the intricate details that the developers are looking to deliver. The realism of the buildings and textures is remarkable! We haven’t seen images from the MSFS version for quite some time, but they provide us with a sneak-peak at what to expect:

Flightbeam Studios Auckland NZAA MSFS 5

Flightbeam Studios Auckland NZAA MSFS 3

Flightbeam Studios Auckland NZAA MSFS 2

Flightbeam Studios Auckland NZAA MSFS 1

Auckland International Airport is the busiest airport in New Zealand, with over 21 million passengers moving through its gates every year. It’s a big international hub and the main gateway into New Zealand and its extraordinary landscapes.

Flightbeam claims NZAA is the studio’s most ambitious project yet. It features the most detailed terminal exteriors ever seen on Flightbeam’s products. The team had the help of airport officials to get close access to the airport and gather all the required information to create a truly authentic scenery for flight simulation. The goal is also to provide a well-optimised product so that it can be enjoyed by a large audience.

Any new product from Flightbeam is a reason to get excited. Their attention to detail is second to none, delivering very impressive airports every time, as we’ve seen with Washington Dulles. We can’t wait to see NZAA in Flight Simulator with our own eyes! And with a release coming next month, it seems it won’t take long for any trip to New Zealand to start in the best possible way.