Aeroplane Heaven releases the Cessna 140 for Flight Simulator

As announced just a few days ago, Aeroplane Heaven released today their first “proper” aircraft for the new Flight Simulator (let’s ignore the Cardboard Spitfire from that list). The Cessna 140, a post-WWII single engine taildragger that helped jumpstart Cessna’s reputation as the ubiquitous manufacturer of multi-purpose airplanes.

The Cessna 140 is a familiar product from Aeroplane Heaven, who released it before for FSX and P3D. It now comes to MSFS with completely new models, including a bush version with tundra tires.

Aeroplane Heaven is promising a very detailed and authentic aircraft, with many animations and realistic sounds. The Cessna 140 has a very interesting cockpit, reminiscent of the Art-Deco style that was still popular when it was introduced in the 1940s.

Cessna 140 MSFS 3

Cessna 140 MSFS 2

Cessna 140 MSFS 1

Cessna 140 MSFS 5

The Cessna 140 by Aeroplane Heaven comes with 3 versions and 7 authentic liveries, featuring wear and tear and options for gloss paint and polished alloy. As expected, PBR textures can be seen on both the interior and exterior model, hopefully taking advantage of the stunning graphical engine in MSFS to deliver a very good-looking virtual version of the Cessna 140.

While the developers have spent the last few months showing their Spitfire and DC-3 for Flight Simulator, they have now decided to first launch the Cessna 140, a surprising decision that is probably a sign of some difficulties with the aforementioned products (the Spitfire was recently delayed indefinitely). In any case, the 140 is definitely an interesting airplane, which will soon face some stiff competition from the similar Cessna 170 that Carenado is about to release.

The Cessna 140 is now available for Aeroplane Heaven for $28.95, and should come to other third-party stores very soon.