The Spitfire is alive: coming soon to MSFS, by Aeroplane Heaven

Remember when we first told you about Aeroplane Heaven’s Spitfire Mk1A, which was in development for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator? Well, exactly fours months since that first reveal, the developers have finally given us some nice new images of the external model, which are definitely looking very good!

Apparently, the flight model is also “under control”, and the cockpit functionality will now be the next priority for the team.

It’s good to finally see some news regarding this special new aircraft, as it got somewhat forgotten over the last few months with the lack of updates. The Spitfire is one of the most unique aircrafts current in development for MSFS (that we know of, of course), and we can’t wait to finally try it out and hear the roar of those astonishing Merlin engines!