Zinertek releases Enhanced Airport Graphics 2.0, a free upgrade for existing customers

Zinertek’s Enhanced Airport Graphics for MSFS impressed us a lot earlier this year, providing a quick and easy way to improve the ground textures of the huge default airport collection in the sim. Now, a few months down the line, the developer is releasing a new and upgraded version of this package, featuring even better and more realistic textures.

Enhanced Airport Graphics version 2.0 brings forth much of the same experience as before, but with new surfaces that now look more truth-to-life and include better reflections. It’s a timely update, especially after the release of Real Global Airport Textures from REX, a very similar product that presented a strong alternative to Zinertek’s original texture pack.

With this upgraded version, Zinertek hopes to bring back some users who opted for REX’s product, while providing strong value to existing customers, who have access to this new version for free.

Zinertek 2.0 MSFS 7

Zinertek 2.0 MSFS 6

Zinertek 2.0 MSFS 5

Zinertek 2.0 MSFS 4

Zinertek 2.0 MSFS 2

Zinertek 2.0 MSFS 1

To know more about the advantages of Zinertek’s Enhanced Airport Graphics, read our review of the original version, which very much applies to the new one. It’s an instant upgrade to every single airport included in MSFS, with new runways textures, taxiways, ground markings, tire skid marks, and more.

An interesting side effect of having this product is that most freeware airports you may have will also be enhanced, since developers often use the default textures on their free creations. Payware airports, on the other hand, most often than not have their own textures, and won’t be affected by this add-on.

To get this new version of Zinertek’s Enhanced Airport Graphics, there’s a couple of things to consider. If you bought the product from the Marketplace, you should now have a free update. However, if you have SimMarket’s version, you will have to “buy” (at no cost) the new version. Make sure to be logged in with the same account that you used to buy the original version so that the system is able to deliver you v2.0 free of charge.