Aeroplane Heaven will finally release the DC-3 and the Spitf… oh no no no… it’s the Cessna 140!

Dear readers, apologies for the crazy title, but I feel it’s deserved. Aeroplane Heaven continues to juggle with our emotions and it’s hard to keep a certain composure. They do have some very cool projects going on but their development process for MSFS seems to be all over the place. It turns out that they will actually release a Cessna 140 next week, instead of the much-hyped Spitfire and DC-3. Totally unpredictable.

Well, we did get a Spitfire from them, a funny cardboard variation that was nothing more than an April Fools joke. The real one is now indefinitely delayed due to… reasons. As for the DC-3, it was teased in January with some absolutely gorgeous shots, but the team went into radio silence since then about that classic airliner. After the delay of the Spitfire, they were going to focus on the DC-3, so obviously we got a Cessna. Makes sense, right?

The Cessna 140 It’s a cool plane, don’t get me wrong! I love a taildragger bush plane as much as anyone, even though this is quite similar to Carenado’s upcoming C170, which should be really around the corner. We also have more things to complain about than the lack of variety of single-engine piston aircraft in MSFS…

Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140 MSFS 4

Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140 MSFS 3

Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140 MSFS 2

Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140 MSFS 1

Still, this is what we’ll get: next Monday, July 5th, Aeroplane Heaven will launch a variety of models for the Cessna 140, which include a pretty nice bush version with tundra tires. 8 liveries will be included as well as a few options for interior styles. There’s even the choice to enable G1000 avionics for those looking to totally destroy the analog experience of flying this aircraft.

To round things up, the C140 will feature a stereo soundtrack for the Continental engine and “specially coded night lighting”, with a promise to behave realistically given the taildragger configuration.

From the preview images that have since been released, it does look rather impressive. But we could never complain about Aeroplane Heaven’s aesthetics… it’s just that it’s so hard to get our hands on their stuff in Flight Simulator! Hopefully, with this release, times may be a-changin’.