Here are the first images of the Just Flight BAe 146 for MSFS

Just Flight already has a few very exciting airplanes in the pipeline for Microsoft Flight Simulator, some of which have been teased over the last few months. The Hawk T1/A is just about to be released, and we’ve seen an increasing number of images of the F28 Fellowship. But today we have yet another new airplane from Just Flight, one that we knew was in the works deep in the Just Flight bunker, but had yet to see the light of day: the BAe 146, another airliner for MSFS!

Discretely unveiled on the official MSFS forums, the BAe 146 is now under active development and is the team’s focus now that the Hawk is complete. Martyn Northall, Just Flight’s Head of Development, reveals that the visuals are mostly done on the 146, with work on the systems now underway. Together with this we also got the very first images of the aircraft inside Microsoft Flight Simulator.

These first three images already show an impressively detailed aircraft. Although they only represent the current state of the exterior fuselage, it’s clear that Just Flight will stay close to its roots when it comes to high-quality graphics.

Just Flight BAe 146 MSFS 3

Just Flight BAe 146 MSFS 1

The BAe 146 is a classic airplane from Just Flight, having been recreated for FSX, P3D, X-Plane, and now under progress for MSFS. Clearly, Just Flight has a deep knowledge of the aircraft and is certainly enjoying a good headstart from the work on older platforms. It was always a highly detailed simulation of this British regional airliner, with hundreds of functional switches, custom-coded systems, realistic sounds, a variety of variants and liveries, and more.

While these are just some teaser images of this project, we should expect to hear more details about the planned feature set soon. Until then, enjoy these stunning shots of this aircraft, another airliner for MSFS. Finally, after more than a year after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it seems we’re finally starting to see bigger developments in this category!