A paradise in the Red Sea: FSDG releases Hurghada International Airport for MSFS

Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) has just released a beautiful new scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will take you to one of Egypt’s most sought-after destinations: Hurghada International Airport (HEGN). Situated in one of Africa’s top scuba diving and sunbathing hotspots, this new scenery promises to deliver an immersive flying experience that captures the essence of this absolute paradise by the Red Sea!

Hurghada, a city stretching along Egypt’s Red Sea coast, is a haven for tourists seeking underwater adventures and pristine beaches. With its bustling resorts and vibrant local culture, it’s a destination that offers something for everyone. For simmers, the city’s diverse landscape – ranging from the arid Sahara Desert to the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea – provides a visually stunning experience!

Given FSDG’s history of bringing us numerous holiday destinations in MSFS, Hurghada Airport is a fitting addition. In fact, another popular resort area in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh, has also seen its airport rendered by the team.

For Hurghada, FSDG promises meticulous attention to detail in the approach to the airport. Pilots can expect to fly over numerous hotels and resorts that line the approach slope, offering a unique and engaging experience as you prepare for landing. Furthermore, if you’re planning to bring your private jet, FSDG has also included a detailed rendition of El Gouna private airport (HEGO).


  • Fully accurate rendition of Hurghada International Airport (HEGN) and surroundings
  • Updated airport layout with double runway and new GA apron
  • Several Hotels, resorts, landmarks included
  • Additional rendition of El Gouna private airport (HEGO) 
  • Ultra-realistic light environment and interior modeling
  • MSFS technologies (dynamic lighting, reflective textures and more)
  • Compatible with all known add-ons including GSX
  • Manual included
FSDH Hurghada Airport MSFS 6

FSDH Hurghada Airport MSFS 5

FSDH Hurghada Airport MSFS 4

FSDH Hurghada Airport MSFS 3

FSDH Hurghada Airport MSFS 2

FSDH Hurghada Airport MSFS 1

Hurghada is a great destination for simmers who enjoy a mix of natural beauty and the challenge of landing at a busy international airport. The contrast between the arid desert landscapes and the blue waters of the Red Sea can make for some stunning visual experiences in the sim – a great region to escape from the landscapes of Europe or North America!

FSDG’s Hurghada Airport (HEGN) is now available for MSFS, priced at €24,99.

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