Milviz reveals its first image of the legendary SR-71 Blackbird for Flight Simulator

Milviz seems to have a lot going on for MSFS at the moment. We know they are working to bring most of their existing airplanes to MSFS (check our list of aircraft in development here), and there’s been a few teasers of some of them lately, like the ATR-72, the DHC-2 Beaver or the Cessna 310R. Today we have another tease for a different aircraft, one that will surely leave many virtual pilots elated: the SR-71 Blackbird, a legend among legends!

Milviz shared this week a single image of its Blackbird in the hangar. If nothing else, it’s a sign that it’s in the works, although we have no idea about when it might be coming out.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about the Milviz SR-71. In fact, earlier this year, Milviz revealed that the development of this project, which had been taking place aiming for a P3D release, had shifted towards Microsoft Flight Simulator, leaving many P3D simmers empty-handed.

It looks now that there’s a good chance for this aircraft to finally see the light of day in MSFS. As one of the favorites among many aviation fanatics, the SR-71 will certainly be very popular. While we wait for further news from Milviz about the development of this legendary bird, you may find the declassified flight manual to be a good read. At more than 1000 pages, it has everything you need to learn how to operate the SR-71 and prepare yourself for its eventual launch for Flight Simulator. It’s also a must-read if you’re a fan of the airplane and just want to know more about it!

As usual, we will keep an eye on this and in many other new and upcoming airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Stay tuned on our daily updated feed to know about this and many other projects first-hand!