Milviz teases ATR 72-600 for Flight Simulator

Milviz surprised us today with the first images of one of its upcoming new airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We know that the team is working to bring at least most of its products to MSFS, and after the release of the Corsair a few months ago, and with the Cessna 310R and the Beaver possibly around the corner, it seems that Milviz is already making great strides towards another project: the ATR 72-600.

The ATR 72-600 is somewhat of an infamous project from Milviz, having gone through a convoluted development process that is now seeing another chapter with the prospect of a release for MSFS. It was in development for P3D for quite some time, but that is now canceled. It was also possibly coming to X-Plane, but a crowdfunding campaign to gather support for that development ended up in shambles. The only natural thing to do now must be to release it on the most popular new flight simulation platform, right? No complaints from us!

These first preview images, shared exclusively from our friends at Threshold, give a glimpse only over the instrument panel. No external images, that will have to wait. But what we got does look nice! Nothing ground-breaking, really, other than the interesting-looking avionics, a nice departure from the usual A320 graphics we are used to seeing in MSFS. The most exciting thing is knowing that the plane itself, a turboprop airliner, is coming to Flight Simulator, where the lack of proper big planes is a common theme for discussion.

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 4

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 3

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 1

For now, Milviz is working only on the passenger variant of the ATR, but there’s potential for a cargo version in the future. As you probably know, the Milviz ATR 72-600 will face some competition from the model that is currently under development by Asobo/Microsoft. The Flight Simulator team announced not long ago that they are working on both the ATR 42-600 and the 72-600. It will definitely be interesting to see how they will compare, although it’s likely that Milviz will be going for a more complex proposition.

In the end, what matters the most is that we have a clear sight of a new airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator. That is a reason to be hyped about, even if it comes with a sour taste for those who were expecting it for P3D. As usual, stay tuned for further updates on this one. It has our attention!