Milviz releases the Porter PC-6 for MSFS

What a surprise! Seemingly out of nowhere, Milviz released today its Porter PC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s being launched in stages, with many further improvements to be expected in forthcoming updates. Milviz hopes this Stage 1 release proves to be a “complete experience”, but the team has greater plans for the aircraft.

The Porter PC-6 is a legendary STOL aircraft, whose rugged versatility has granted it a kind of legendary status as a bush plane. It’s the perfect type of airplane to explore the incredible world of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The PC-6 is the second aircraft to be released for MSFS by Milviz, after the FG-1D Corsair. It’s one amongst a series of other ongoing projects from the team, but this one seems to be coming out of the blue, and there’s a few things to keep in mind.

The version that is being launched today features a high-quality visual model, but Milviz is especially proud of the flight dynamics the team was able to implement. Thanks to the helpful feedback from real-world pilots of the PC-6, the aircraft should behave just like the real thing, including the ability to put the props in beta mode for fast deceleration and high rates of descent, an iconic trick of the PC-6!

Things take a slight turn for the worse concerning avionics. This current Stage 1 of the PC-6 uses the default G1000 glass cockpit, and no third-party avionics are currently supported, such as the Working Title G1000 NXi. It’s unfortunate, but Milviz promises that the future Stage 2 release will bring a full steam-gauge cockpit option, along with additional radio and navigations instruments. As for the NXi, specifically, the team says that they will work to integrate it with the PC-6 once development matures. As you know, the WT G1000 NXi is currently in an early stage and in very active development, and it’s expected to replace the stock G1000 in the future.

Milviz Porter PC 6 MSFS 9

Milviz Porter PC 6 MSFS 8

Milviz Porter PC 6 MSFS 7

Milviz Porter PC 6 MSFS 6

Milviz Porter PC 6 MSFS 5

Milviz Porter PC 6 MSFS 4

Milviz Porter PC 6 MSFS 3

Milviz Porter PC 6 MSFS 2

The Porter PC-6 already comes with a handy EFB that enables a series of options and configurations like engine exhaust and intake covers, selection of passenger or cargo variants, or swapping between the standard wheels and skis. Again, Stage 2 release will bring additional options such as tundra wheels and floats!

The Milviz Porter PC-6 is now available for just $29.99. Keep in mind that the price will go up once Stage 2 is ready to go, due to the many features and improvements that Milviz is planning to implement. So, if you’re interested in this aircraft and have the necessary confidence that Milviz will deliver on its promises, this is a great opportunity to grab the PC-6 at a cool price while knowing that you will get all the upcoming features and improvements at no additional cost.

Lovers of the PC-6 will no doubt be ecstatic about this surprising release. Most have been expecting the FSG Porter PC-6, whose promising development we have been following, but Milviz has managed to turn things around. Choices are always welcome and often lead to an extra effort from developers to create a superior product.

We’re hoping to be able to fly the PC-6 over the weekend, so stay tuned to read our first impressions of this exciting new airplane for MSFS!