Aerosoft shares new images of the CRJ and previews the included EFB

The CRJ’s series from Aerosoft is certainly the most anticipated third-party aircraft for MSFS right now. We’ve covered it extensively, from the development details, preview images and videos, up to the delay announcement some weeks ago. The team decided to go silent for a while, sharing less stuff as a release date becomes imminent.

Yesterday, though, we got another peek into this bird, courtesy of Mathijs Kok, who shared on Aerosoft’s official forum some new cockpit images, as well as wide range of different pages from the CRJ’s EFB, showcasing all the different options and configurations that will be available for future pilots of the aircraft.

It’s no secret that this bird is looking supremely good, which is to be expected given Aerosoft’s usual attention to detail and also its close relationship with Asobo and Microsoft in the development of the aircraft.

The most interesting new details come from the EFB. It’s the first relatively in-depth look that we get to many of the available options. The images show many things such as the checklists, cargo and fuel weight and distribution, door operations, and many, many options.

There’s still no release date, but it seems to inch closer and closer everyday. As for pricing, the CRJ 550/700 will cost €42 (plus applicable tax), and the CRJ 900/100 expansion will cost an additional €16.75.