We can’t handle our excitement about Aerosoft’s CRJ, so here’s some gorgeous new images!

The teasing! It’s killing us! Just a few days after we shared with you the latest progress on this highly anticipated new aircraft for Flight Simulator, but Mathijs Kok just keeps raising our expectations with new amazing images and more details about the upcoming release.

This time we got a preview of the huge amount of detail in the aircraft’s textures, capable of rendering very fine details that can be appreciated from a very, very close distance, and also a sneak peek into the interior and exterior lighting. The CRJ is very nearly done, waiting just for some problems to be solved by Asobo in order to have some last details taken care of. A release before the end of the year is still

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We also have now detailed information about pricing. The CRJ 550/700 will cost €42 (plus applicable tax), and the CRJ 900/100 expansion will cost an additional €16.75. Very fair prices for such a high quality addon!

At this point, this is really looking to be an unprecedented new aircraft, which makes use of the entire new technology set made available in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Stay tuned, we will keep updating you on further news about this exciting new aircraft!